What Are Power Inverters Used For?

What Are Power Inverters Used For?

Cosuper will always be with you wherever you're or anywhere you go as long as you need endless clean power supplies.


Solar: Back-up And Off-grid

Back-up system: A backup power system has become a necessity for people all over the world as a power outage and an emergency happens a lot due to unpredictable reasons, which is why solar power combined with a battery provides a new option for those looking for power security at home. Cosuper's backup power systems with capacities ranging from 300W to 30kVA fit your needs well. Off-grid solar power system: Having an off-grid solar power system installed in your home makes you completely independent of external power sources, Cosuper's off gird solar inverters help you generate your own electricity and live comfortably without spending a fortune.

Professional Vehicles

Looking for more AC power on the road? Why keeping look around? Now you have the energy support here! 150W-1500W power inverters make the AC power be available. Your laptop, camera, drone and phone can be all well powered with Cosuper power products. A complete power solution provided for all types RVs. Get the reliable power solution from Cosuper! The integrated solution with inverter, on-board charger, RV solar charger, battery and RV control center, which enables you to experience a more comfortable and eco-friendly RV trip. You'll always have a enjoyable, wonderful driving experience with a Cosuper superior quality inverter/charger in your truck to provide you with continuous and reliable power to run multiple household devices.

Medical Industry

Stop for a minute and imagine what would happen if the hospital's power went out for 5 minutes? Medical equipment requires a stable power supply to keep life-saving systems performing flawlessly and reliably. Cosuper medical power inverters with IEC60601-1 certification provide a constant pure sine wave output without causing any impact on the performance of the equipment.


A good Portable Power Source makes it fun and easy to enjoy an outdoor activity if you’re camping outside where you may need a clean power supply to fit your electricity needs. The Cosuper's feature-packed unit is a great outdoor companion for you whether solo or with the group. Portable Power Source make it fun and easy to enjoy a wonderful outdoor activity wherever you go. If you are camping outside, you’ll want to come equipped with a good portable power source that can satisfy your electricity demand. Cosuper Portable Power Source is a great companion for you when you plan to go on an outdoor camping trip.


Whether going on a short fishing trip or a long water sightseeing trip, you need reliable power to run multiple devices. Consumers give you the onboard power solutions you need to enjoy a hassle-free life on the water. Cosuper manufactures a variety of inverters/chargers for marine applications. Whether you're going on a short fishing trip or a long water sightseeing trip, our products give you more options for power sources.
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