OEM Solutions For Inverter And Other Power Products
OEM Solutions For Inverter And Other Power Products

OEM Solutions

CoSuper(Suzhou) Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional inverter manufacturer engaged in the R&D, producing, sale and service of inverter charger, inverter charger with solar input, inverter wholesaleportable power station for sale with more 12 years OEM and ODM experience.

Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our OEM and ODM servers are highly welcome.It doesn't matter whether you have a great idea to bring to market, whether you're looking to replace old technology or simply cut costs.Our R&D is always available to achieve your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. We accept and offer non-disclosure agreement for your design safe.We gained good reputation from OEM partner.Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

  • Product Innovation--Cosuper is a leading supplier of innovative power solutions as well as a provider with expert knowledge and 10 years of dedicated experience, which makes us respond quickly to changing needs.

  • Collaborative Experience-- Cosuper has established steady cooperative relations with nearly 30 domestic and foreign retrofit vehicle companies, RV dealers and solar companies. The products are exported to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and other markets. To this date, we have completed about 60MW projects throughout the world.

  • After-Sale Service--Cosuper always holds the belief that customer satisfaction is our big bonus, so we keep focusing on assisting our customer with professional and considerate service every step of the way.

  • Product Quality--Quality is what got us where we are today. Cosuper always ensures that every products would go through rigorous tests in accordance with industry standards before delivery, so as to help our customer get the superior quality products.

OEM Applications

Mobile Medical Vehicles | Mobile Catering Vans | RV Electrical Power System | Off grid Solar System

Cosuper provides customized power solutions for global customers and is trusted by OEM partners. From mobile vehicle power systems and residential off-grid photovoltaic energy storage systems, to outdoor power solutions, Cosuper help you get the power you need.

  • Mobile medical vehicles need to work constantly and stably with no disruptions. Our OEM partners depend on Cosuper Inverter/Chargers to provide the stable, efficient, clean back-up power needed to keep vital life-saving devices working when emergency happens.

  • Running a Food Catering Van requires a lot of electricity, but it's important that its power source should be as portable as the that of your kitchen. Cosuper's premium inverter/chargers give owners the freedom to use electricity in the workplace to maximize efficiency and productivity, so they can focus more time on the job at hand when they have customers. Our OEM partner’s Mobile Catering Vans in UK are equiped with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries and Cosuper inverters with high performance that provide reliable on-demand power.

  • Most RVs include a battery bank that provides DC power. But that’s not enough if you would like to run household appliances like charging laptops, watching TV, using the air conditioner, or keeping your beers cool in the refrigerator when shore power is not available? Sure, starting your RV's generator is an option, but that would create noise and air pollution. Our OEM partners rely on our Inverter/ Chargers to keep most household appliances working constantly and stably while living comfortable and eco-friendly.

  • It might be hard if you’re living in a area far away from the hustle city where the utility grid is not available, then going off grid is the right move. Our OEM partners found it necessary to help people who live in remote areas in South Africa but being desperate for electricity to enrich their life. Solar energy is a the most valuable natural source as it can never be ran out of. Cosuper helps them manufacture the best solar charger inverters and battery banks to generate, and store electricity that can later be used by people to power their appliances and other gadgets while living off-grid, the battery banks can also act as a back-up power when there’s no sunlight.