200ah gel deep cycle battery
200ah gel battery
200ah gel deep cycle battery
200ah gel battery

12V 200AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery

The Cosuper W12-200S with a capacity of 12V 200 Ah is part of our deep cycle gel batteries which have been designed specifically to offer superior performance and a high cycle life in many applications, including mobile vehicles, golf, solar and wind systems, Marine and moe.

This battery has more than 18year design life, a decent cyclic life (2000 cycles to 20% DOD) and are manufactured to high standards. It is safe to transport and feature low self-discharge rates coupled with high charge efficiency.

Features of 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery

  • Gelled electrolyte reducing corrosion and longer cycle life of plates

  • Construction preventing leakage of electrolyte - the possibility of safe  operation in any direction

  • Our deep cycle gel battery for sale is featured by wide operating temperature range(-20℃~50℃; altitude:4500m)

  • Approved by UL

  • Sealed & Maintenance-free operation - up to 18 years design life

  • ABS container material: high structure strength, good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

Technical Specifications of 12V 200AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery

Max. Discharge Current1200A(5 sec)
Internal ResistanceApprox. 0.48 mΩ (Fully charged)
Self-Discharge<2% 25℃
Design Life18 Years (floating charge)
Operating Temp. RangeDischarge:-20℃-50℃/ Charge: -10℃-50℃/ Storage:-10℃-40℃
Standby UseCharging Current: No limit/ Voltage:13.4~13.8V/ Temperature compensation:-3mV/℃
Cycle UseCharging Current:≤0.25C/ Voltage:14.4V~15.V/ Temperature conmensation:-3mV/℃
Container MaterialABS (UL94-HB) UL94-V1
Rated Capacity 10hr (Ah)200

Cool Life, Super Power.
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