1kw inverter
1000w inverter
dc to ac converter 1000 watt
1000w inverter transformer
1kw inverter
1000w inverter
dc to ac converter 1000 watt
1000w inverter transformer

1000W Power Inverter

The Cosuper 1000 watt pure sine wave power inverter converts DC power (12V/24V/48V) to AC power (110V/120V/230V/240V), well suitable for mobile or permanent power installations. This 1000W DC to AC inverter by professional DC to AC inverter suppliers is capable of providing 1000W continuously and 2000W surge. Compact and portable, this 1000W DC to AC inverter can be used on worksites, boats, cars, camping or for permanent use. Ideal for powering tablets, coffee maker, toaster, iron, car refrigerator and other power tools when you are away from mains power. All of the safety features you expect, short circuit protection, overload, under/over voltage, and over temperature. Two built-in cooling fans will automatically run when the inverter temperature gets too hot so you can run it for much longer in hot conditions.

Features of 1000W Power Inverter

  • Regulated by UL458 and CSA C22.2, CE under EN55022:2006+A1:2007 standards

  • Enhanced heat dissipation design can avoids the power drop caused by high temperature and extend the life of inverters

  • Soft start design can effectively reduce the impact of large current on the machine

  • External LCD remote control panel allows the control from a remote

  • High surge capability of this pure sine wave inverter provides the necessary current to start electrical loads such as power tools, microwave ovens, car refrigerator and more.

  • 2 years warranty

Technical Specifications of 1000W Power Inverter

Power Input&OutputSCH1000
Output Power1000W
Surge Power2000W
Idle Power9W
DC Input Voltage12/24/48VDC
DC Input Regulation10.5-15VDC
Output Voltage100/110/120VAC+/-3%;220/230/240VAC+/-5%
Output Frequency50/60HZ+/-0.05%
Output WaveformTruesinewaveTHD<3%
Power Factor0.8-1
Control&Signal Indicates
Fault IndicationRed LED light and buzz alarm
Work IndicationGreen LED light
Remote ControlCR10 or CR11(work with DBS battery isolator)
Battery TypeAGM, Seal leadacid, Gel, Open lead acid,LiFe04
Overtemperature, Shortcircuit
General Parameter
Operating Temp-5-40℃
Working Humidity20-90%RH
Storage Temp-30-70 ℃

Cool Life, Super Power.
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