GMC Series Pro-line Inverter Charger (Canbus)

GMC Series Pro-line Inverter Charger (Canbus)

GMC pro-line inverter charger, as the latest model it is designed and produced for the growing demands of mobile power system. GMC inverter for mobile charging can work perfectly for recreational vehicle, special purpose vehicle and marine. Besides high efficiency, high anti-surge, multi-stage charging, auto switch between AC and DC system, GMC combines CAN-BUS communication port and main battery charger. This canbus battery charger is able to satisfy various requirement of monitoring and interactive control.  

GMC is good at working in high temperature up to 50℃. No power loss and continuously working without fault.


FAQs About GMC Series Pro-line Inverter Charger (Canbus)

FAQs About GMC Series Pro-line Inverter Charger (Canbus)

What is the purpose of an inverter?                                                                     

The inverter is one of the key device in solar energy system. This is a kind of inverter charger that converts direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current used in power grid.

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