Vehicle Power Inverter Charger Supply

Imagine that you're going to go on a long journey, far away from your home or driving cross country from coast to coast. The road’s long and you have to stop every few hours along the way, so during your trip, you may need to use a power plug. You didn’t take your power bank and you don’t want to waste time to stop, you really need to charge your phone or laptop. In such a case, a car inverter will come in handy.

Automotive Power Inverter Supply

An automative power inverter is an electrical transformer that takes the 12V DC power and changes it to 120V/240V AC power. That allows you to run small electrical devices that you normally plug into a wall socket. And you will definitely be happier if you can find your way back with the help of GPS or by asking for help. This is why inverter wholesale should be standard equipment for everyone planning to travel anywhere outside.

As one of the leading inverter suppliers, the Cosuper Car mounted Power inverters are very handy devices with easy-to-use, easy-to-install as well as compact characteristic, ranging from 600W to 3000W. With high surge capability and low harmonic distortion, they’re well suitable for powering electronics such as laptops, tablets, cell phones chargers, etc,.

Cosuper is well aware of the importance of electrical equipment safety to people's lives, so it will not reduce the quality requirements of products while providing customers with affordable products.

Cosuper inverter is well aware of the importance of electrical devices safety to people’s lives, so don’t compromise on the safety and protection of these devices while providing customers with affordable and reliable products. All the necessary protection you can expect (short circuit protection, overload, under/over voltage, and over temperature) are also added. On top of that, its intelligent cooling fans will always manage to cool down the whole system in no time.

Vehicle Power Inverter

Recreational Vehicles RV Coveters And Inverters

Ready to kick off your RV trip?

It's hard to live without electricity in daily life, even if you're traveling in an RV. If you want to keep your mobile devices charged, make a substantial breakfast in your RV, or get you a fresh cup of coffee every morning - you need an solar inverter charger.

To make your RV camping experience more comfortable and environmentally friendly, you might consider installing a solar PV system on their RV to provide a endless clean power, not only can they keep the noise level down, but to keep the pollution down, too! So when your RV is parked and there is no access to shore power, don't worry that the inverter will drain your battery power, the PV systems will supply power and charge the battery when needed.

The charger's purpose is to change AC power to DC power. Because shore power is always provided in AC, and if you're going to charge your RV battery with that shore power, you'll need to convert it to DC power first. This is the another way to recharge your RV power using shore power or a generator.

The Cosuper inverter chargers fits you well, combining the functions of a pure sine wave inverter, battery charger and automatic transfer switch between DC and AC in one unit. If you’re in a place where shore power is available, it no longer generates AC power from the batteries but uses the AC power to charge the batteries and power the loads. You can use it to power battery chargers for your rechargeable batteries, a refrigerator, coffee grinder, hair dryer and more.

360° power solution providing for all types RVs. Get the reliable power solution from Cosuper!

The integrated solution with inverter, on-board charger, RV solar charger, battery and RV control center, which enables your RV full of energy to enjoy a powerful outdoor life.

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Recreational Vehicles Converters And Inverters

Power Inverter for Specialty Vehicles

Special Vehicles include ambulance, fire truck, road facility maintaining vehicle, forklift, etc. Both public and private entities use inverters to power warmers, ventilation fans, pumps, defibrillator, and other computerized devices. Pure Sine Wave is strongly recommended based on sensitive medical equipment.

Since emergencies can occur at any time, so the effectiveness of emergency medical services or emergency response teams depends on the equipment they can rely on to perform their tasks flawlessly and reliably. Since it is a mobile unit, the onboard electrical system needs to be at a constant power output. They need reliable power supplies that can charge batteries quickly and accurately and deliver pure sine wave output without causing any impact on the performance of the life-saving system.

Since the stability of the life-saving system can be overthrown by a variety of factors, Cosuper has been focusing on providing special vehicles with a choice of independent power solutions that are both reliable and economical. Each will effectively keep the vital devices running when power from the utility grid is disrupted.

In speciality vehicles industry, Cosuper makes the durable and reliable inverters available. With the lithium battery based system as the long-time energy providing, the "more power" speciality vehicles comes to reality!

Vehicle Power Inverter For Laptop

Power Inverter For Truck And Coach

You’ll always have a enjoyable, wonderful driving experience with a superior quality inverter/charger in your truck to provide you with continuous and reliable power to run multiple devices.

Equipping a truck with a superior quality inverter/charger will greatly enhance your driving experience by providing a safe, reliable and constant power supply. If you’re using tools and equipment on the truck, such as microwave ovens, mini refrigerators, TV sets, etc., make sure that these equipment are working properly with sufficient power provided by the inverter/charger for a safer, more efficient and enjoyable journey.

Cosuper provides you with multiple options and will take care of your mid to high consumption needs. Our compact-sized and easy to use inverter/charger is your perfect choice, which means, you’ll not have to worry about the limited space, it can be fit anywhere and doesn’t weigh much. Moreover, its high peak power rated at three times of continuous power leaves no reasons to worry about the safety of the inverter if you’re inclined towards using heavy devices.

The Cosuper inverter/charger features an intelligent remote system , which tends to be very convenient in the long run. Having an LED screen will benefit you in another way, you will always know the current condition of your battery and inverter. Also, knowing the health of the inverter will help you take every precaution to prevent further damage.

The material used to build the housing is high-grade aluminum, which is durable and has a long service life.Thus, you can drive your truck regardless of poor road conditions. Moreover, getting 18 months of replaceable warranty is like icing on the cake.

Cosuper mobile power solution makes the five-day driving on the road as comfortable as home.

Pure sine wave AC output is the same even better than AC mains. Drivers can have a hot meal by the microwave, email to family and check the service email by laptop, and have a leisure time with TV.

Never leave you without power!

Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Truck

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