300 watt power inverter for car
300w modified sine wave inverter
300 watt inverter for car
300 watt car inverter
300 watt power inverter for car
300w modified sine wave inverter
300 watt inverter for car
300 watt car inverter

300W Car Power Inverter

This unit provides 300W continuous DC to AC power and 600W instantaneous power with 2 AC power sockets and 2 USB fast charging ports. Two 110V/220V AC sockets for charging large devices like laptops and tablets, One USB charging port (0-2.1A) for powering USB compatible devices. The 300W car power inverter has a 24" car cigarette lighter plug and a pair of alligator leather battery clips that can be plugged into almost any vehicle. This 300W modified sine wave inverter is ideal for camping, outdoor needs or en-route driving trips. The iPhone-sized design of 300W car power inverter is perfect for vacations, work trips, and camping. A built-in 40 amp fuse protects your device. Safe charging design prevents overheating, undervoltage and overvoltage charging, short circuit.

Durable metal case provides advanced protection against drops and bumps. The smart cooling fan system makes the onboard power inverter very quiet while running, and the fan runs faster when the unit gets hot or the output power is exceeded. Comes with 12 months warranty.

Features of 300W Car Power Inverter

  • Stable protect function and more accurate protect reference point.

  • MCU solution simplify the circuit, so reduce defective rate of products.

  • This kind of modified sine wave converter uses the soft-start way to greatly enhance to carry the perceptual loading.

Technical Specifications of 300W Car Power Inverter

Rated Power300W
Surge Power600W
Input Voltage12V/24V
Output Voltage120VAC±5%; 230VAC±3%
Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz±1Hz
Max. Efficiency>90%
Idle Power3W
Output PhaseSingle
Operating Temp-20~50℃
Warranty18 months
Battery TypeAGM, GEL, or Customized

Cool Life, Super Power.
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