COSUPER Solar Charge Controller

COSUPER Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is divided into PWM and MPPT types. This solar panel and charge controller is used in the solar power generation system to control the solar modules to charge the battery. The solar panel and charge controller is the core control part of the entire photovoltaic power supply system.


What happens if your charge controller is too big?

There is a practical limit though, if the solar array is too large then the power is just wasted since the charge controller is always limiting the output. A typical recommendation is to limit the solar array to 110%-125% of the maximum controller rating.

What happens if your charge controller is too big?

Solar Charge Controller FAQs


How big charge controller do I need for a 200w solar panel?


For example, 200/12 = 16.67 amps. Therefore, if you have a 200-watt solar panel, a 20-amp charging controller is suitable for safety. If we have 4 100-watt solar panels, the equation will be 400/12 = 33.33 amps, so we suggest using a 35-amp charging controller.

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