COSUPER Deep Cycle Gel Battery

COSUPER Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Our deep cycle gel battery for sale has safer option and superior cycle life than traditional lead-acid, as welll as very good rechargeable ability after deep-discharge. This gel cell deep cycle battery can be used in vehicle , Marine, back-up system, camping, UPS,Telecom and solar & wind system field.


How to Choose Between A Deep Cycle Battery And A Gel Battery

1. What is the difference between a deep cycle battery and a gel battery?                                                          

The main difference between AGM and GEL batteries is that a GEL deep cycle battery is constructed by using a gel paste in which the electrolyte is suspended inside the battery case. In an AGM Battery, the electrolyte is wicked up into a glass matt internally so it can never spill, which is a massive safety advantage.                

2. What is the advantage of a gel battery?                             

Different from flooded batteries, gel batteries have the features of no need of maintenance or adding water. It's safe to operate because itls without water. Can be installed sideways (inverted is not recommended).

Maintenance About Deep Cycle Battery

1. Do gel batteries need maintenance? 

The gel battery has no free-flowing electrolyte or movable ventilation holes, and little water is lost during charging. Due to its structure, gel batteries are considered to be non-spillable and maintenance-free, as they do not need watering.                            

2. Are gel batteries better in cold weather?

According to most indicators, AGM/SLA/gel batteries are not much better than flooded versions in cold weather. If the battery temperature is lower than 32F (0C), many manufacturers recommend not charging the battery at all.

Maintenance About Deep Cycle Battery

How to Change Deep Cycle Battery

1. How long does a gel battery last?

A: The general life of 12-volt gel or AGM batteries can reach 6 years which is close to lithium iron phosphate battery if they are kept charged when not in use. Under the condition of average ambient temperature of 25°C, the battery can still keep 80% of its original capacity after five or six years of floating charge voltage.


2.How do you charge a deep cycle gel battery?

A: Choosing the suitable charger for battery chemistry, for example, gel battery needs lower charging voltage, while calcium battery needs much higher "layered" charging from time to time. Ideally, the charger with temperature compensation and temperature sensor can be connected to the charging battery.

Deep Cycle Gel Battery FAQs


How do you maintain a deep cycle gel battery?

  • Always keep your battery fully charged

  • Check your Deep Cycle battery voltage with a voltmeter.

  • Always ensure the voltage remains above 12.5 volts.

  • Always recharge the battery fully after you have returned from a trip.

  • Re-check your battery voltage at least once a month.  


Are all gel batteries deep cycle?


AGM and gel batteries are often considered to be one and the same. This is because they have a similar core of attributes. Both are nonspillable. Both offer deep cycles and they can both be mounted anywhere, so they're flexible.

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