Off Grid Solar System With Battery Backup

If you are living in an area so remote with an unreliable power grid or severe weather that you can’t reach an electric utility, then going off-gird is the right move. Having an off grid solar power system installed in your home means meeting all your energy needs from the power of the sun, you can completely make you independent of external power source, avoid spiraling diesel power consumption costs, and avoid high grid connection charges as well.

In most off-grid systems, the battery inverter-charger is the heart and brains of the system. Its primary job is to supply pure sine wave AC power, and it must be able to meet the power requirements of the appliances under all conditions.

The Cosuper off grid solar hybrid inverters are highly integrated with functions of smart battery charger, solar charger controller, battery inverter, intelligent mornitoring system, etc. In addition, its comprehensive LCD display provides user configurable and easy-to-access button operations such as battery charging current and monitoring energy flow from all other sources such as solar or backup generators.

The off grid solar inverter is available in a wide range of sizes, and relatively affordable and easy to set up, which makes it a great choice for off grid applications, including small houses, mobilehouse, back up power systems, both indoors and outdoors.

You can now generate your own electricity and live comfortably without spending a fortune.


Solar Back Up And Off Grid

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