CCH Series Car Power Inverter

CCH Series Car Power Inverter

COSUPER CCH series car power inverter for sale can operate normally, even under bad conditions. Keeping you powered up 24/7 whenever you need it. Whether it is a caravan, camper, caravan, special purpose vehicle, or any mobile power system, the excellent performance of 50℃ can bring a reliable car inverter power supply.

CCH ProPower China car power inverter adopts CAN bus design, which can be used for various AC output needs or any other customized battery system. Choosing this self-contained sine wave inverter gives you complete freedom in choosing your battery charging device.

Types of Car Inverter for Sale


Car Inverter Installation

Car Inverter Installation

Here are the general steps for installing an inverter in a car:

  • Choose the right location: Find a location in your car where you want to install power inverter in car. The ideal spot should be well-ventilated and away from water, heat, and vibration.

  • Disconnect the battery: Before starting the vehicle power inverter installation process, disconnect the car battery to prevent any electrical shock or injury.

  • Mount the inverter: Attach the inverter securely to the chosen location, using screws or bolts.

  • Connect the cables: Connect the inverter cables to the battery, making sure the positive and negative terminals match. The red cable should be connected to the positive terminal, and the black cable to the negative terminal.

  • Route the cables: Run the cables from the inverter to the chosen location, making sure to avoid any sharp edges, heat sources, or moving parts.

  • Test the car inverter installation: Once everything is connected, test the inverter by turning it on and plugging in a device. Check if it is working correctly and if the voltage output matches the device specifications.

  • Secure the cables: Once everything is working correctly, secure the cables in place to prevent any damage or disconnection.

It's essential to follow the car inverter manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when installing a car inverter. If you're unsure about any step of the process, consult a professional mechanic or electrician to avoid any safety hazards or damage to your car.

CCH Series Car Power Inverter FAQs

CCH Series Car Power Inverter FAQs

What can a car power inverter run?

A: Automobile power inverter can help you run AC electrical equipment of low power, such as computers, cameras, and even TV.  

Can an inverter damage a car alternator?

A: If you try to get 3,000 watts of output from the inverter but not having lots of batteries and a 250-amp alternator, then it will damage the charging system of the vehicle.

Is it ok to use a power inverter in the car?

A: There are a lot of rumors circulating on the Internet, telling you that inverters are dangerous, that you shouldn't use them, or that they will quickly drain your car battery. However, if used properly, you can rest assured that the inverter is safe.

How long can you run an inverter on a car battery?

A: Usually, the Car and the marine battery can provide an adequate power supply for about 30~60 min. even if the engine is turned off. The actual time may be different depending on the life and condition of the battery and the power demand of the equipment operated by the inverter.

how does a power inverter work in a car?

A power inverter in a car is a digital power inverter works by converting DC (direct current) power from the car's battery to AC (alternating current) power, which can be used to power electronic devices such as laptops or phone chargers. The inverter uses internal circuitry to regulate the voltage and frequency of the AC power output.

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