Notes On Selecting Power Inverters For Vehicles

1. Pay Attention To Whether It Is Produced By Regular Manufacturers

Regular products must have corresponding trademarks and inverter suppliers, and the packaging is printed with the manufacturer's address and telephone number.

2. The Metal Shell Products Must Be Selected

Because of the high power of the inverter wholesale, the heat is also high. If the internal heat can't be dissipated in time, the life of the components will be affected if it is light, and there will be a risk of fire if it is heavy. The metal shell, on the one hand, has good heat dissipation characteristics, on the other hand, it will not burn. It is best not to choose products with plastic shells. Even if a fan is added to help dissipate heat, firstly, the noise in use is increased, and secondly, the working life of the fan is generally short, thus reducing the reliability of the whole machine.

3. Choose Split Products, But Not Integrated Products

There are four disadvantages of integrated products. First, because the socket of cigarette lighter is not very deep, the rear part of integrated products is heavy, and bumps in the driving process of the car can easily shake off the inverter or cause poor contact. Second, the integrated inverter is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, and the rear part is exposed for a long time, which will affect the shift operation of the right hand. This is closely related to driving safety, so please pay attention. Third, because it is directly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, the back row of the integrated inverter cannot be used. IV. All the integrated housings are made of plastic. Everyone knows that plastic is not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, the contact part between the integrated inverter and the cigarette lighter socket will generate high temperature through large current, which will lead to head deformation or melting, and even cause fire. Therefore, no matter from the point of view of safety or convenience, the integrated inverter can't be selected.

4. Whether All Kinds Of Protection Functions Are Perfect

A portable inverter for car should have perfect protection functions, which can protect your car and power supply under all circumstances. It should also have sound and light alarm function to remind you to deal with all kinds of situations in time. General protection functions are input undervoltage, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, output overload and output short circuit protection.