Off-Grid Solar System For A Japanese-Funded Enterprise In Shanghai

A Japanese-funded enterprise in Shanghai, jointly funded by Japan's Asahi Diamond Industrial Go, 11d and Taiwan Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., was officially registered and established in Shanghai Lujiazui Diamond Processing Zone in June 2002. The establishment of the company will provide high-quality diamond wire drawing dies for the majority of wire and cable customers, thus ending the domestic situation of complete dependence on imports.

Japan Asahi Diamond industrial Co.1td is a well-known Japanese listed company and a very powerful diamond industry manufacturer in the world. The diamond wire drawing dies it produces are called the industry's vane.

A Japanese-funded enterprise in Shanghai is headed by the chairman of Japan's Ranjin Stone Industry Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Japan's Asahi Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. All the molding technology and key equipment of the "natural diamond wire drawing die" and "artificial polycrystalline wire drawing die" produced by the company are provided by Japan's Asahi Diamond and Taiwan Diamond Industry Co., Ltd. Meet the high-grade requirements of the majority of users for diamond wire drawing dies and superb technical services.

On the basis of comprehensive introduction of Japanese Asahi DiamondK and Taihu diamond mold making technology, the company will gather outstanding talents in Taiwan's domestic wire drawing die industry, integrate the excellent resources of Taiwan's Pudong investment environment, advocate advanced management principles, and create a high-quality product. drawing die manufacturing base.

Products used: SPS series inverter, main advantages: mains bypass, mains charging, solar charging, inverter. Five functions of UPS are automatically switched MPPT solar charge controller, which can be connected to a maximum of 3120W solar panels. Free switching between solar power and mains power supply, and multiple protections such as input reverse connection/undervoltage/overvoltage/short circuit/overload/overtemperature, etc.