Take One Minute To Help You Understand The RV Inverter

Generally, there are batteries on the vehicle, which can meet the daily needs. However, due to the characteristics of the RV, the 12VDC provided by the battery cannot meet the needs in many cases. Therefore, the RV inverter has played an important role in our daily life.

Inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current into alternating current. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. We’re all living in an age where mobile office, mobile communication, mobile leisure can be seen anywhere. In the mobile life, we not only need low-voltage DC power supplied by batteries, but also need the 220VAC to run high power devices. Inverter can meet our needs in this regard.

Why is there an inverter in the car? Generally, 12V batteries in RVs can normally only run low-power electrical appliances, such as 12V Refrigerators, LED lights, ventilation fans, etc., and if you want to use high-power appliances such as microwave ovens, cookers, and electric kettles, you will need an inverter.

The RV inverter itself also consumes a part of the power when it is working, and its input power is larger than its output power, that is to say, the efficiency of the inverter is the ratio of the output power to the input power of the inverter. An inverter inputs 1000W DC and outputs 900W AC, then its efficiency is 90%.

What should be paid attention to when using the RV inverter?

1. The inverter can bring us a lot of convenience in our RV life, but we also need to use it accordingly.

2. The output voltage of the inverter is 220VAC. If it is installed in a small space and in a movable state to prevent electric shock, please cut off the input power when not in use.

3. The working environment temperature of the inverter should not exceed 45℃.

4. The inverter will heat up when working, do not place objects nearby or on it.

5. The inverter must be far away from moisture and water

Now, do you have a certain understanding of RV inverters through the above introduction?