Precautions For The Use Of Rv Lithium Batteries

  1. When the battery is not used for a long time, be sure to turn off all power sources on the RV and check whether the battery is still discharging! If all electrical appliances are not turned off, even a small amount of power can exhaust the battery power. Although the battery has built-in over-discharge protection function, long-term zero-power storage will seriously affect the battery life. It is therefore recommended to carefully check that the power is turned off before parking and to charge the battery every three months.

  2. If the battery has an abnormal smell, abnormal sound, or even a fire, all personnel should leave the scene immediately after they notice it, and immediately call the rescue phone.

  3. Battery storage:

①The ideal storage temperature is 4-21°C, and the peak value is 49°C.

②The environment in which lithium batteries are stored should be kept dry. It is not allowed to place the battery in a place where water may leak, such as on the ground, to avoid short-circuiting of the battery pack due to water leakage from the heating and raining windows.

③The battery pack should be kept away from flammable, flammable and explosive materials, and old and new batteries should be stored separately.