Cosuper Inverter Got The North American

After more than three months of hard work, Cosuper independently developed the CPT series charging and inverter all-in-one machine successfully passed the ETL certification for export to North America, and became a domestic enterprise that has passed the North American ETL certification. This means that the inverter supplier has obtained the photovoltaic passport to North America, marking that the product has reached the international advanced level of similar products.

ETL is the abbreviation of Electronic Testing Laboratories (Electrical Testing laboratories). Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with the "ETL" mark indicates that the product has met the requirements of the recognized US and Canadian product safety standards, and also means that the inverter manufacturer agrees to accept strict regular inspections to ensure the consistency of product quality. Many well-known brands such as Siemens and General Electric have used ETL certification services.

The type test, IP level test, grounding current test and other indicators of our CPT series integrated charging and inverter wholesale products fully meet the requirements of ETL certification, and will be suitable for the domestic photovoltaic system market respectively.

Since its establishment, our company has attached great importance to the development of the international market. The acquisition of this certification is not only a full affirmation of our products, but also accumulated rich experience for future product development and rapid development of the market.

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Product used: SPT series inverter, main advantages: 50% lower self-consumption than conventional power frequency inverter, can withstand 3 shock power, strong load capacity, pure sine wave output is suitable for various loads, RS232 communication mode , with remote control function.