What Is a Power Inverter?

Power inverters have recently become very popular, mainly because of their convenience. By converting regular 12V DC into specific AC power, power inverters can be used to power various devices in cars. Thanks to this, you can plug in your laptop or even a TV just like you would with a standard wall outlet.

Understanding power inverters

An inverter is an accessory that changes the voltage of the current, allowing you to connect other electronic devices like phones or tablets to your car. Its function is to convert the 12V DC power from your car into 230V AC power, allowing you to safely connect and use other types of devices. This type of solution comes in handy when you're on the road and unable to use a traditional socket, but need to charge your phone. This power inverter wholesale can be successfully used in cars, campers, and trucks.

Why do we need power inverters?

During the summer, when you may be going on long car journeys or trips out of town, having various electronic devices like phones with games or social media apps, and tablets for drawing or reading books can save you from boredom. However, all of these devices require a constant source of power. Luckily, car manufacturers have come to the rescue and now equip new vehicles with USB ports where we can connect flash drives with our MP3 libraries. Unfortunately, these ports don't always have the parameters necessary for efficient charging of phones or tablets. That's where an inverter comes in handy.

How to safely use an inverter?

To ensure your safety and that of your devices when using a power inverter, keep the following two points in mind:

Protect your inverter from overheating

If you're using a power inverter in your car, make sure you have enough space and effective ventilation. Inverters can quickly overheat if not kept cool, although most inverters have their own fans that turn on when needed. However, this requires more power consumption.

More importantly, do not attempt to use your power inverter for long periods of time if your car is not running. Even after you turn off your engine, the inverter will still continue to work. You'll quickly drain the battery of your car and may need to seek roadside assistance.

Limit yourself to low-power devices

While you may be tempted to use a power inverter to power things you really need in your car, doing so can damage your car battery. Although you may not immediately destroy it, it will degrade and lose capacity quickly. To avoid having to buy a new battery, try to limit yourself to low-power devices.